• Smart Ventilation

    The activated carbon filtration system quietly eliminates unwanted odours. Smart ventilation controls the fan speed to keep your grow under ideal conditions.

  • LED Lighting

    Produce larger yields while consuming less power with high quality, full spectrum LED lighting. Simply set the time and let Opbox automation do the rest.

  • Hydroponic System

    The low-maintenance deep water culture system is designed for growing high yielding plants quickly. Want to grow in soil? Just place your pot inside the empty reservoir.

  • Simple Design

    Designed to fit in, the Opbox looks great in any room of your home. No light leaks, little noise, and simple aesthetics make the Opbox stealthy.

The Growing Process

  • Plant a Seed

    The Opbox is spacious enough for you to grow a wide variety of plants. Whether you're starting with a seed or clone, the Opbox can handle it.

  • Water & Feed

    Top up the water and add nutrients to your reservoir once a week. It's that simple.

  • Let Opbox Do the Rest

    Once you've configured the Opbox settings, the automation system will take care of the rest for you. Just let it grow!

Growing Pays Off

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