Finally, An Update From The Shipping Company

Dear Customers, 

Last night we received the first update on our shipment since the day it was sent. It has been very difficult for us to reach the shipping company for many reasons, and we wish we could have had more updates for you. One of our Chinese suppliers set the shipment up for us with Ltian Express, a Chinese sea shipping company that has partnered with Canada Post to bring large shipments in from overseas. Unfortunately, Ltian does not provide tracking information for their sea shipments, and because Ltian is solely a Chinese company, they have no English customer service. This became a big problem for us because our original supplier was the only one that could help us with tracking the shipment. Over the past two weeks we have been extremely upset as we assumed the shipment was lost or had literally fallen off the boat (something that has actually been happening lately). We have shipped containers by sea before, and they have never taken nearly as long as this one has. However, for the first time in over a month, our supplier notified us that the boat our container is on will arrive at the Vancouver port sometime next week. It will then be placed on a train and Canada Post will deliver it to our facility. When we receive the shipment, we are prepared to assemble the parts and have the units shipped off as soon as possible. We are no longer going to give you an estimated delivery date (as it has not worked out for us in the past), but we will make sure to update you as soon as the shipment is received. We are also prepared to refund you your money if there are any further issues with your order - something we do not want to do but should be prepared for in the worst case scenario (example. we are notified the shipment is completely lost). We are letting you know this because we do not want you to worry about being scammed of your hard earned dollars. Although this update may seem disappointing, last week we had already planned to refund everyone their money and start production from scratch again. Thankfully this update has once again given us hope. We are so incredibly sorry about this horrible delay. If at any point you would like to speak with someone (including myself) about your order, please email us. We greatly appreciate your understanding.