Parts, Assembly & FAQ's

Over the past week we have been testing and inspecting the parts that recently arrived. So far, most of the parts look great and we have started the assembly process. There are a few parts that need to be re-ordered (as expected), but don’t worry, they will arrive via air shipping in one week. Parts that have passed our inspection are being assembled and units are coming together very nicely. It is great to see things finally come alive!

The assembly process starts with the electronics. Each unit has wires that connect the circuit board to the screen, light, pump and sensors. Code is then uploaded to the system so that it can be fully tested. After testing, the electronics are mounted into the cabinet while the cabinet is being assembled. The cabinet is then sealed and inspected. Afterwards, the plastic components are glued and assembled into the cabinet, completing the system. Lastly, we package the units for shipping.

Our defect rate estimate was quite accurate, so everyone will be receiving their order. If you would still like a refund we can issue one before your order is shipped. If you have moved or you would like to change your shipping address, please email us with your new address at (note that our website email form was broken and emails can no longer be sent directly through our website). An email will be going out shortly to ensure your address is correct. so you may also reply to this email to change your address. As a side note, our software engineer is flushing out a few program bugs that should make things run extra smooth. Our team is making sure things look pretty for when they arrive!