Shipping Delays

Dear Opbox Customers, 

We know you are eager to receive your Opbox and we can’t wait to get you growing as soon as possible. Our team is doing absolutely everything we can to ensure your units arrive at the earliest date; however, we are still facing challenges related to the pandemic. 

We have completely finished production and all of the parts for your units have been successfully manufactured. We now await delivery, but a few components manufactured off-shore are facing shipping delays of up to 45 days.

We are set-up and ready on our end to get your Opbox shipped directly to your door as soon as these components land in our warehouse. Given the new timeline, this should occur sometime before the end of May. We have spoken to other businesses, including those within our own supply chain, and everyone is experiencing the same delays and the same levels of sheer frustration. 

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Our hope is that you can ride this out with us for a little while longer, and trust that the wait will be worth it.

We hope you are keeping healthy and happy during these challenging times. We will be in touch again once the components arrive in North America.