We're Working on a Final Shipping Date

Hi everyone! We hope you are staying safe and have settled into the new year. As shipments of our final parts come in, we get closer and closer to delivering your units. Right now, production is a bit slow because of the Chinese Spring Festival, but we're carefully planning our assembly, delivery and testing processes. Within the next month, we will be sharing our final shipping date with you. We're expecting this to be sometime in late March or April. We will make sure to let you know as soon as we have the date. 

Our team is currently finishing the development of the electronics firmware. As a computer engineer myself, this is my favourite part of production. We've been able to add a ton of great new features and are excited for you to see them. As we continue to work on development, we're finishing up the grow tutorials which you can expect to be posted before you receive your Opbox. Stay tuned for those and some more updates soon!