What's Left & Where We're At

We’re more than halfway through the assembly process and we wanted to share with you what’s left over. Please note that all pre-orders are being assembled simultaneously and will be shipped at the same time. So far the cabinets have been assembled, the computer systems/electronics are in place, the hydroponic system containers have been installed and the carbon filters have been connected. For the most part, assembling these components has gone smoothly and according to our timeline. We’re quite thrilled to have come this far!

Early next week we will be picking up a package in Buffalo, NY, containing most of the rest of the components. This includes LED’s, hydroponic system materials, and grow kit supplies. We’ll get started on assembling these components into the units shortly afterwards. This will be a more tedious job, but luckily there are only a few of these components in each Opbox. 

Our software engineer is still working on perfecting the Opbox software. We’ve been testing new code every day and should have the final version done on September 13th. We know you’re all going to love the new user interface that’s been put together (it’s way more efficient).

After all of this has been completed, we’ll be able to start packaging the units for shipping. Once done, our shipping partner (UPS) will be expecting us to arrive with the big shipment! We can’t wait!