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Home Growing Made Simple

Growing your own has never been this simple. The Opbox grow box will take you from seed to harvest, growing you up to 4 ounces in just 3 months! Combined with our growing kit, this grow system has everything you need to seamlessly cultivate in any home. No assembly, no ugly grow tent, and no hefty price. Finally, a simple home growing solution 😌


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Product Features

Hydroponic System

The Opbox houses a 3 gallon (~11L) deep water culture hydroponic reservoir that holds more than enough water to sustain your plants for over a week, even during the late flowering stage. Inside the reservoir is an eight inch air-stone for root aeration that can be disconnected from the 3W, 29 GPH air pump for easy reservoir maintenance. Growing hydroponically will maximize your yield, reduce your grow time, and make managing and feeding your plants easier.

Want to grow in soil? Simply remove the lid of the hydroponic system and place your pot inside the base.

Ventilation System

The Opbox is equipped with a smart ventilation system that automatically adjusts fan speed based on the climate inside your system. This enables the Opbox to keep your grow under ideal conditions at all times. The industrial-grade activated carbon filter (excluded in Opbox Lite) removes strong odours that your plant may produce. This filter works significantly better than carbon filter pads that are commonly used in other indoor grow systems. Constant moving air provides your plants with adequate CO2. Use the touch screen to set a targeted temperature.

LED Lighting

The Opbox is equipped with a high power LED grow light for growing large, dense plants. Made with LED’s from every spectrum, the light produces wavelengths optimal for all stages of growth. Light scheduling is controlled automatically, and can be adjusted using the touch screen if desired.

Growing Process

Never grown before? Not a problem. Our comprehensive and easy to understand growing guide and tutorial videos will help you become an expert in no time.

Curious what growing in an Opbox entails? Here’s a quick overview.

You’ll receive your Opbox indoor grow system fully assembled. First, you’ll plug it in, set the time, and set it to vegetative mode.

Then you’ll fill your reservoir with water, pH balance it using the pH Test Kit and pH down included in the Opbox Growers Kit, and soak your grow medium. Once your grow medium is hydrated, you can place it in the clay-ball filled net-cup and plant your seed.

Soon, your seed will sprout and your plant will start to grow. Once the seedling is large enough, you can start adding nutrients to the reservoir and changing the water once a week. This should take no longer than 15 minutes.

In the early stages, checking in on your plant every couple of days to “train” it will produce a larger yield. All this involves is bending and trimming the plant.

Once the plant is large enough, you’ll switch the Opbox to flowering mode using the touch screen. Trimming is required in the early stages of flowering, but in the later stages all that’s required is changing the water and adding nutrients weekly.

Once your plant is matured, you can harvest, trim, and dry it inside your Opbox. This will only take a few days, after which you will cure your buds inside of jars for 2+ weeks.

That’s it! After weeks of (not so) hard work, you should have anywhere from 30-120 grams of your very own home grown bud.


Grow Height: 68.5cm, 27"

Weight: 60lbs

Cabinet: Laminated with water-resistant material to withstand high-humidity

Power Consumption: ~150W

Sensors: Temperature, Humidity