About Us



Our Mission

To make indoor growing accessible to everyone.


Our Story

What is Opbox?

The Opbox is a system built specifically for growing plants indoors. It was designed with aesthetics, affordability, and simplicity as priorities to make growing indoors possible for just about anyone. It was also designed to involve the user in the growing process, because what’s the fun in growing your own plants when all you’re doing is pressing buttons on an app? Growing plants in an Opbox is rewarding, exciting, and can be done year round. It can also save you a ton of money. The goal of Opbox is to eliminate the common pains of indoor growing, making growing accessible for everyone.

The Problem

After attending an international growing industry expo, our founders were fascinated by the world of indoor growing technologies. This, along with some free growing materials they had been given, inspired them to grow their own plants indoors. They started researching modern growing methods, hydroponic techniques, and the science of indoor growing. What they had initially thought would be an easy and enjoyable task quickly became extremely complicated.
Balancing pH? Nutrient dosing? Pruning and low stress training? LED vs HPS grow lights? Vegetation and flowering states? These were all foreign concepts, not to mention the smell that the plants would produce.

Nevertheless, their curiosity persisted and they decided to proceed with growing. 600 dollars of ugly grow equipment and countless hours of online research later, they had their first harvest. 20 grams. Only 20 grams? It would’ve been cheaper to go to the store and buy 20 grams, not to mention the hours wasted. There HAD to be a better way.

And there was! Only it was $3000 and packed with unnecessary features that took the joy out of growing… no thanks.

They continued to learn in hopes that a large harvest would come. They read books on growing, spoke to as many growers as they could find, and harvested way more bud than they knew what to do with. They invested hundreds of hours into mastering the grow process and narrowing it down to the essentials. They both fell in love with growing, just as everyone who grows their own plants do. They fell in love with the excitement of seeing roots sprout on seedlings, the fun of watching a plant grow 6 inches in 6 days, and, of course, the massive buds. Best of all, they finally achieved the large harvests they were looking for… although the time and monetary commitments were much higher than initially expected.

They wanted everyone to experience the joy they did when growing their own plants, so they set out to solve the problems that they had come across themselves. They wanted to eliminate the complexity and hours spent researching, simplify the growing process, and minimize costs. This is what inspired them to build the very first Opbox.

Why We're Starting

Opbox was founded because of a need for a simple home growing solution. Growing indoors is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences, and it saves you money. Grow tents and grow lockers are ugly, tough to use, and take up way too much space. Other grow cabinets are pricey and over-engineered. Opbox is aesthetic, affordable, simple, and allows you to be a part of the grow process. This is how we plan to make indoor growing accessible to everyone.

Our Journey

Making the perfect grow box has been no easy task. Over the past two and a half years, the Opbox team has been testing prototypes, soliciting customer feedback, and adding new features so that we meet the needs of every grower, new or experienced. What started as an old IKEA cabinet has turned into an optimized, aesthetic grow system. Every individual part has hours of thought put into its design, ensuring that all Opbox customers receive an amazing and functional product.


Our Goal Going Forward

We want to continue to make indoor growing aesthetic and accessible for everyone, no matter the type of plant being grown. After the launch of the Opbox, efforts will continuously be made to increase the functionality, affordability, and look of the Opbox.